Tips To Clean Different Kitchen Utensils


The kitchen is both a cooking area and a place for family members. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the kitchen clean. Don’t let greasy stains and food grime make you ugly. With simple, easy-to-find ingredients, you can quickly make bright kitchen objects glow. Learn these simple and useful cleaning tips with WebTech360 Furniture.

You can quickly clean commonly used household items with ingredients that are easy to find in the kitchen. In addition to being quick, the following kitchen tips will also help keep your family healthy.

1. Mixer

After using the mixer, add water with a drop of washing-up liquid to the mixer glass. Put the turntable on and turn on the machine and grind for 20 seconds. Pour them out and rinse them with clean water. Let them dry.

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2. Microwave

The quickest way to clean the microwave oven is to put a damp paper towel in the oven, then turn the oven on high for 3 to 5 minutes. The steam loosens the stains. Wait for the towel to cool, then use it to clean the inside of the oven. To deodorize the microwave, dilute a cup of water with half a cup of lemon juice, microwave and heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Let the bowl of lemon juice cool in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes before removing it.

3. The glass is blurry

Glasses that have been in use for a long time will be dull and blotchy, especially if you use them frequently to hold coffee and tea. To get rid of the stain, fill ice with ice, cut half of the lemon juice, add 2 teaspoons of salt and stir, and the stains will gradually disappear. When you’re done, rinse the water tank under the tap.

4. Cast iron pan

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t use dish soap or harsh abrasives to scrub the cast iron pan, as these will scratch and peel the surface. If you still don’t have the water clean after rinsing and wiping with a soft cloth, add a few tablespoons of salt and rub with a multi-purpose paper towel and rinse with clean water. Be sure to apply a layer of oil to keep the non-stick surface.

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5. Coffee grinder

Quickly clean the coffee grinder by grinding a handful of white rice. Many people have a habit of grinding spices like anise and cinnamon with a coffee grinder. However, if you don’t clean them right away, it will be very difficult to remove the flavor of the seasoning from the machine.

6. Planning tools

You can use a cake brush (to apply butter, coat the surface of the bread) to quickly remove any leftover food on the slicer. You should apply a layer of cooking oil to the slicer before use to prevent the food from sticking to the blade.

7. Deodorizing the garbage filter

You mix the deodorant solution in equal parts with water and vinegar and freeze it. Take these ice cubes to the trash comb, then rinse them with clean water. The ice will gradually dissolve and deodorize the waste tube.

8. Porcelain

To clean stains on cups, dishes and china cups, rub two equal pieces of white vinegar and salt, rinse with clean water and drain.

So, these are some of the best tips that can help you bring back the shine your utensils are waiting for. Not only do these tips help you clean your kitchen utensils effectively, but also help you enhance the elegance of your kitchen tirelessly.

What are you waiting for now? Use these wonderful tips and add a timeless sophistication to your kitchen by giving your utensils an ultimate shine.

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