4 Reasons Why You Should Use Black Granite Countertop


Counters are a must have element in our kitchen and bathroom. Without a countertop, you cannot make your bathroom or kitchen design functional. Imagine if there is no counter in your kitchen, where would you cook, chop, and dough! And if there is no counter in your bathroom, where you put your tooth or shaving brush every morning?

Apart from functionality, the look of your counter simply becomes the center of your kitchen or bathroom design. The more beautiful the material, the more attraction your space has! It complements the whole scheme of your kitchen design.

Granite –

Granite has been a popular material for creating unique, durable, and attractive countertops. It is a natural stone that is processed from rock, formed over millions of years. Everything about this stone is natural – starting from its granular patterns, color, shade, pores, durability, and strength.

The number one reason why granite counter is popular is because of its prolonged durability. It lasts longer than the worktops of other materials such as ceramic and concrete. It can take the splashes and heavy use without any wear and tear. When you install it in your kitchen or bath, you can expect it to look and stay strong for years and even decades.

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Black Granite –

A large number of people believe that granite is gray. It is gray, indeed. But that it is only gray would be false statement. Granite stone tiles and slabs can be available in a wide range of colors and shades including pink, while, green, and of course, black.

Black granite may and may not have granular patterns, depending on the quarry site. In black too, the stone is availability in a wide range. Some of the popular black granite variants are – Black Galaxy, Absolute, Impala, Agatha, and Ubatua.

Whichever you choose, you can still expect it to serve and meet your expectation. Since black, it may be a bit pricy than the stone with regular looks. In many countries, it is the more popular variety of granite. People love it more because of these awesome reasons –

A Touch of Luxury –

Black is beautiful. Interior designers love the color black for its beauty and luxury appeal. When installed correctly with matching or contrasting color grout, this granite counter enhances the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom.

You can fit it in any design scheme, even in its opposite (white) color scheme. And it will only add to the feel of your space. You can also create a black and white (or light) design pattern in your interior design.

However, its luxury look demands your attention at the time of cleaning, because dust and debris are easily visible on this surface. And you would want any such thing to disrupt the look of your modern interior design.

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A Wide Range –

As mentioned above, it is available in a wide range of shades (dark to light) and varying granular patterns which you can choose based on your aesthetic sense.

In addition to that, you can choose from an array of surface finishes, including polished, honed, bush hammered, matte, and unpolished. However, polished granite is a more popular choice for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Strength & Durability –

Just because it looks different from the popular and common definition of granite does not mean it is a different material. You get the same level of strength and durability in this stone too.

If you have a concern that it may not be a durable option for your kitchen, this would come to you as a surprise that black granite is as strong and durable as regular granite or any other natural stone.

Simple Maintenance –

Polished stone is always easier to maintain. Plus, you will need to seal the stone counter after installation. This also gives the stone easy cleaning and maintenance feature.

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