What Are The Best Ways to Illuminate and Style the Backyard?


The backyard of your home is a significant place, which when used perfectly, will give you an escape from the daily tiring life. It will help you add character to the garden or patio with the best outdoor lights. Especially with the days getting shorter, darker, and colder; a well-illuminated backyard is a must-have for all the homeowners. A garden is a perfect reflection of the owner’s personality and landscaping effects. Lighting this outdoor area using suitable lighting accessories will make it unique and eye-catching, apart from serving its standard functional purposes.

There is no dearth of practical decorative outdoor lights in terms of cost, style, design, and size. Depending on the space available and theme finalized, the homeowners can choose suitable styles and designs of lighting products. Generally, the installation of these lights is easy, however, the lights manufacturers also offer installation support to buyers. Besides, you can contact your local electrician for the installation of contemporary and stylish lights in your backyard.

Important: Since we are discussing outdoor lighting options, make sure to confirm their weatherproof ability before making a purchase. There are various waterproofing levels in different lights, so you need to assess the exterior environment of your backyard and make a selection of outdoor lights.

1. Solar Lights vs Wired Lights

Solar lighting is gaining popularity with each passing year. Solar lighting is very cost-effective and is suitable for lighting. However, more homeowners are relying on their combination of both these lights. They are using a combination of solar and wired lights in their backyard as it gives them more flexibility and control. Relying solely only on solar energy to light the exteriors is not recommended. It has many reasons such as zero availability of power during cloudy days and in the winters when the sun shies away from everyone.

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2. Security Lights

The larger areas available outdoors require lighting, especially during the night. This is essential for security purposes. In the market, there are many security lights which are designed particularly with the security of buildings in mind. A well-lit backyard helps in keeping the burglars or animals away. Such lights are installed in higher places, from where they cast beams in a wide-angle on the main walkways or the backyard entrance. Under this category, motion-sensing floodlights have gained utmost popularity.

3. Path Lights

Path lighting is required for navigating the walkways and presenting a beautiful view. For this purpose, it requires bright and safe lighting fixtures. Such path lights are installed on the grounds, along the boundaries of walkways. These types of lights are also ideal for the path to the fountain, flower beds, etc. in the outdoor space. Considering the nature of these lights, they are available at low voltage. Further, direct electricity and Solar LED options are also available in these decorative lights.

4. Outdoor Wall Lighting

For lighting a series of small recessed areas in the backyard, wall lightings are the best option. These are installed on the outer side of the walls that results in illuminating a small portion of the garden or patio. Apart from walls, these can be installed on any vertical surface. Available in various designs, all the outdoor wall lightning items are weatherproof and are often low voltage products that deliver moderately bright light.

5. String Lighting

When you need a warm and intimate ambiance in the outdoor garden, then string lightning is a cost-effective option. These fall under the category of decorative lights, which are most common during festive occasions. However, these are also ideal for small get-together outdoors or a celebration in your garden. The string light not only creates a low voltage ascent but also increases the aura of the space. Wherever the activity is, just place these lights on the trees, plants, etc.

Make sure to choose the waterproof and solar-powered or rechargeable string light, which is integrated with LED bulbs, long-lasting in nature. Such lights generally come with a remote solar panel, and hence these are operable with any extension cord. This also helps in ensuring even distribution of lights and eliminating the chances of eclectic shock during rain.

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6. Lanterns

Accent lighting options – lanterns are a traditional choice for soft and low-voltage light. Their strategic and proper installation will ensure a perfect supplement to the architecture and décor. A conventional place of installation is near the back door since it highlights various elements present alongside the door such as the window. There is a large variety of lanterns available online and offline. You can browse and finalize the ones which suit your décor and requirements.

A large variety of lanterns are mounted in a semi-flush type, wherein the exterior is made of metal-and-glass. Also, there is an arm present on the lanterns which helps affix it onto the vertical wall. Make sure that the lantern light is in synchronization with the other types of lights installed in the backyard.

7. Gardens and/or Green Areas

If you have a small outdoor area, then it is recommended to make a vertical garden or green area. It means that in green space the lighting should be installed in a way that it shines up and down or from the above plants. Along with the natural sunlight, this lighting setting has proven most effective for lighting a garden. Consider compact lighting fixtures that give bright light. Install these on trees, plants, and planters.


Illumination of the backyard along with its styling using decorative and practical outdoor lighting will create a special personal space, which will be eye-catching to all the onlookers. The special outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your time outdoors, eliminating the risk of some hazard in the dark areas. So whether you need to install lighting from scratch or just an up-gradation to an existing network, scan the online e-commerce shopping websites and shortlist the best ones that suit your personalized requirements for the backyard.

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