Essential Trampoline Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe


Having a trampoline in your garden can provide hours of fun. Unfortunately, trampolines often lead to accidents. Thankfully, as long as you take a few basic safety precautions, you should be able to keep your children safe.

One Person At A Time

The risk of an accident increases greatly when a lot of children are bouncing at once. That’s why you should make sure that only one person at a time plays with a trampoline. The more people on a trampoline, the more likely an accident is.

When multiple children are bouncing at once, they may crash into each other, leading to falls and other accidents. Children and adults using the trampoline at the same time increases that risk even further. Even though trampolines are large enough to accommodate several people, it’s safest to have one person bouncing alone.

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Always Provide Supervision

When children are playing on a trampoline unsupervised, they may encourage each other to engage in reckless stunts that could lead to an injury. That’s why it’s best for adults to supervise children as they play.

Having supervision can help to ensure that children follow trampoline safety rules. If a parent or another adult sees a child engaging in reckless behavior, they will be able to stop the behavior before an accident is caused.

Install A Safety Net

More often than not, trampoline injuries are caused when someone falls off a trampoline. You can reduce the risk of this happening if you install a safety net over the trampoline.

Safety netting is becoming increasingly common. In many cases, it is included with the trampoline. You should install safety netting immediately. The netting won’t take long to install, and it is capable of preventing many trampoline accidents. You should take the time to install safety padding as well.

Never Use The Trampoline When It’s Wet

If it’s been raining recently, you’ll want to avoid using your trampoline until it’s had the chance to dry. As you might expect, when there is water on your trampoline, the risk of a slip and fall accident dramatically increases.

There’s no reason to jump on a slippery trampoline. If you’re eager to use your trampoline, and it hasn’t had the chance to dry yet, you should take the time to towel it off first. Whether you’re walking across the floor or bouncing up and down, water can make a surface less stable, which means accidents or more likely to occur.

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Install Your Trampoline Carefully

Make sure you read the instructions carefully when you’re installing a trampoline. If a trampoline hasn’t been properly installed, it’s possible that it will collapse when it is being used, which can cause serious injuries. You should also choose the right location for your trampoline.

You don’t have to avoid trampolines if you have concerns about safety risks. As you can see, there are a number of protective measures you can take if you want to keep everyone in your home safe. With these safety tips, the risk of an accident should plummet.

Trampolining is one of those fantastic outdoor activities that offers so many benefits to their users by activating your lymphatic system, by giving your body lots of fresh oxygen and by bringing a smile to the face of all users, man, woman or child. If you have any doubt, you should try it for yourself. Within a few minutes you will be smiling from ear to ear, in a way that you might not have done since you were a child.

There is little doubt that trampolining is tremendously good for you, and this article really just touches on some key points to make sure that when you are having fun, that you are doing it in a safe way.

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