Where and How to Use Sola Flowers


Sola flowers have impressed many people, craft lovers, home designers and event planners, future brides, and such. They have so many features and uses and can easily be integrated in any arrangement. Sola wood is not a new material, but gained popularity due to versatility and durability. It is one of the lightest wood types and from the center, people craft thin sheets that are molded into petals. You can easily find suppliers offering wood flowers wholesale, to cater your big event or any project you have in mind.

Why Sola Flowers

There are so many reasons to use sola flowers. To begin with, they are versatile and can be given any shape and color. It does not matter if you want certain flower types or to invest your own blooms, you can do it with sola wood. Usually, when you look online for suppliers, you will see that most of them offer the blooms in ivory and similar shades. This is their natural color, but using dye you can personalize them in any way. You can do the project on your own or you can find someone that is passionate about the subject and will respect your desires.

Durability is another bonus factor, because wood flowers do not wither and you can keep them around longer, forever actually. It depends on where you place them, because they should be kept away from direct sunlight. Just think about a special bouquet or arrangement and how you would like to treasure it for as long as possible. This is not possible with natural blooms, but if you choose wooden ones, you can have the exact assortment in your home. Of course, you can always modify it, rearrange the flowers, and add some fillings, depending on your mood.

Where to Use Wood Flowers Wholesale

People purchase wood flowers wholesale when they have to design and incorporate larger arrangements. Events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate celebrations, and home décor are just some of the examples. Take for instance weddings, there are so many floral decorations required and bouquets. Costs involved are considerable and many brides turn to alternatives. One reason to save money, but another good one is to repurpose flowers afterwards and even keep some in their home.

Such flowers are reusable and biodegradable, which are always plus features to start using them more. They can be personalized to meet any decor setting and color scheme, especially if you plan to dye them. Corsages and boutonnieres are also designed from wood blooms, usually they were made from real ones, but times have changed and people started to adopt better choices. The great aspect is that they remain beautiful and fresh throughout the event and you don’t have to worry about withering or breaking blooms. Once the event is over, you can use them in other ways or sell them.

Other than arrangements for special events, sola flowers are beautiful and will turn any place into a stunning setting. Home decoration needs to include some centerpieces and details here and there and what can be more beautiful than these types of blooms? If you want to add some scent to them, it is very easy to do so using oil-based scents placed behind the petals or behind the blossoms. They will smell marvelous for long periods and you will feel good no matter where you are around the house.

Because personalizing is so easy, just imagine you can give your sola flowers a new look every time. For instance, if you have them in ivory at this moment and a holiday is coming, feel free to color them to match the theme. This way, you can save money by not investing in additional decorations. You can relax while taking over the project and craft the blooms on your own. It is important to note that some suppliers sell flowers without stems, which means you need to add some if you plan on using blossoms in a certain way.

Sola flowers are some of the most appreciated alternatives to natural flowers and it is no wonder why. You can find different suppliers online and go through their offer. There are basic blossoms, suitable for simple, yet delicate arrangements and more decadent and complex designs, if you prefer something out of the ordinary. It is impossible not to find something you like and put your imagination in action by combining different designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes. If you want to add some texture, suppliers provide fillers.

If you simply want to see what flowers look like in real life, you can order a couple and test their durability, see how nicely crafted they are, before buying wood flowers wholesale. Different suppliers offer different qualities and it is crucial for blossoms to look stunning and better than the pictures. This way, you know you are buying from the right place. They should have plenty pictures on the website and descriptions mentioning characteristics and sizes.

Wood flowers wholesale are ideal for larger arrangements, because you can save money when buying larger quantities. Many suppliers collaborate with smaller businesses and decorators, event planners, and want to offer a minimum selling price. To find out what you can obtain, simply get in touch and point out your requirements and how many flowers you want. You will get a smaller price than what you see on the website depending on the purchased quantity.

As soon as you find a trusted provider, you can collaborate regardless of your projects, because you will know that every time you will benefit from exceptional quality and your clients will appreciate the final result. Even if blooms arrive a little deformed or squished, there is no need to worry. All you have to do is spray them with water or dip them directly and rearrange the petals. After they dry out, they will be as good as new, looking fresh and ready to be placed in gorgeous bouquets and assortments. There are many tips like this to benefit the most from wood flowers wholesale.

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