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A modular kitchen is not just a part that fits in your home but a delightful ambiance that accompanies you, a comfort that refreshes you bringing you a feeling of certainty of a well managed home.

Then rejuvenate your dullsville life into a felicitous one by refurbishing your kitchen into a modular kitchen. Revamping brings a delightful ambiance that accompanies you, a comfort that refreshes you, with a feeling of certainty where vagueness automatically disappears.


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Modular kitchen designs :-

  • Basic designs – This has less conceptualization. It is designed in a lane that can accommodate the appliances, sink and hobs at one counter, best fitting the one departmental area.
  • Traditional designs- The traditionality brings a soul and life with an authenticity. This has an aesthetic architecture with a captivating framework.
  • Contemporary designs- This brings a voguish look that is extant showcasing a luxurious lifestyle in trend with a veer of modern designs. The style brings a delectable appearance enhancing the overall structure.
  • Modern designs- This constitutes modish, newfangled, snazzy trends. Following the up-to-date patterns extravagantly, bringing a reason to remodel the layout as adornment.
  • Rustic designs- These are simple fashioned kitchens with less complexity in designing. The basic structure relates to the rural areas giving a pastoral look. The wooden work provides a theme that comforts the people with naturality.
  • Industrial designs- These adds professionalism with an exuberant industrial feel and a receptivity using exposed bricks, wooden cabinets and metallic fillings equipped in commercial styles.
  • Sleek designs- These are perfect for families who dine together. It is a multifunctional kitchen with everything inbuilt, the designs, layout and the lifestyle, a splendid match. High tech grace is maintained with a spacious sleekness.
  • Italian designs- With change in time comes the revolutions, kickstarting the type which is a comfy, stylist one. This has multifunctional space with living areas intermingled with the kitchen giving the best Italian look.
  • European designs- These are quite original with a traditionality in each domain- surfaces, hardware, cabinets, floors, materials, furniture etc. They usually are incorporated with flush doors for smoothness, exhibiting a simple lifestyle with less bustle.
  • American designs- These are spacious one with dining, kitchen and lounge area befitting together bringing a charismatic look due to the ample area that can be used to accommodate stuff, connecting each inch of room.Shark Vacuum designed to make your life easier

Kitchen layouts :-

  • L- shaped – It is a perpendicular “L” shaped with two parts of the platforms set up. Large number of people can utilize it at a time. The accessories are so arranged accordingly that fits most of the area.
  • Parallel shaped- In this, the structure is parallelly designed with each part of the two platforms aligned, designed for ease of work. This is beneficial when numerous work is to be done parallelly, both the platforms can be utilized.
  • U shaped- In this, three parts of walls are joined together forming U shape. This covers the maximum portion in the given allocated space and well suits an extended family to manage the food preparations at a large extent.
  • Straight – This is the most basic type where a single wall can be utilized to equip the functionality. The designs are made up in a linear fashion for everything arranged on one side of the wall, with cabinets and accessories designed in the same manner.
  • Island type- This includes an island like platform in the epicenter which complements the other. Such designs can only be made in spacious kitchens where the middle Island portion can be turned to a dining area.
  • Peninsula or G-shaped- This is a blend of U shaped and island kitchen design with an extravagant part attached. This can be used for a plethora of activities, thus a preferable option.

This brings a clear vision of how one can choose the modular kitchen designs to make their “heart of home” jovial.

Shark Vacuum designed to make your life easier

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