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Cheap Vs Expensive Paints – What Should I Choose?


For interior/exterior painting of your property, the cost of the paint can range dramatically. And it can impact the overall cost of your painting project.

Most homeowners get stuck between cost and quality. They are neither ready to sacrifice the quality nor ready to pay for the expensive paints. According to them, whether they are using cheap or expensive paint, it will color the wall and output will be the same. But, that’s not true.

The cost of the paint plays a vital role in the quality and durability of the painting project. If you select a cheap option, you sacrifice the quality and vice versa. In this blog, we will explain how it happens.

Major Difference between Cheap and Expensive Paints

Cheap or inexpensive paints often have lower solid contents, which reduce their ability to provide even coverage. On the other hand, expensive paints are made-up of solvent, pigment, and binder, which give better coverage.


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In expensive paints, the solvent dissipates as the paint dries and the binder holds the pigment together. The quantity of binder and pigment present in the can of the paint defines the quality of the coverage on your wall.

Is it worth spending on expensive paints?

Using cheaper paints will reduce your cost but unfortunately, it will be just like an upfront bonus. It’s because you will need to buy more paint to get a more even coverage on the wall. If the quantity and layer of cheap paints on walls are not enough, it will leave uneven patches and look bad.

Talking about expensive paints, you will need less quantity to get even coverage on the walls. For example, a transparent base found in darker colours will need probably three or more coats of expensive paints to get a nice, smooth, and even coverage. But if the same is done using cheap paints, you might need nine or more coats to achieve the same result.

Not only cost, but expensive paints will save the time of professional painting service providers and the project will complete soon. In cheap paints, you will need a coat after coat due to fewer solids and each coat will require subsequent drying time. But in expensive paints, you will need a couple of coats due to more solids and take several hours to dry. The drying time will decide the extent of your painting project.

Now you very well know the reasons to spend on expensive paints. They have more solids, which give even coverage and take less time and effort. So instead of enjoying the upfront cost of cheap paints, you should invest in expensive paints and enjoy the benefits forever. It is also recommended to consult your friends or painting experts near you for better idea on what is better for interior/exterior painting of your property.


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One important point to remember when painting your house

Whether you are using expensive or cheap paints, planning for DIY painting or hiring professional painting services, or thinking of interior/exterior painting, you should take time to prepare and prime your walls.

You should repair the damages and apply primer to create an even surface before painting. Primers will prevent the walls from absorbing paints unattractively and with patches. Also, it will smooth the blemishes beneath the paint surface. The best part of using a primer is you will get quality results with fewer coats of paint.

Expensive paints will hit your pocket in the beginning, but the impact will be long-lasting. On the other hand, cheap paints will initial happiness by saving a few bucks but will increase your expenses at the later stage. So think and decide wisely before investing your money into it.

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